STAMFORD, CT -- BEV Capital recently completed an investment in Adexa, Inc., a leading provider of supply chain and enterprise business planning solutions. BEV invested as part of a $15.0 million financing that included several other new investors. Participants in the round included Wasserstein Ventures, Mitsubishi, Sutter Hill Ventures, and Information Technology Ventures. BEV will also join the company’s Board of Directors.

Founded in 1994, Adexa is the only software vendor that offers an enterprise global planning system (eGPS). This modular set of solutions allows companies to constantly develop, collaborate, and optimize financial, operational, and supply chain plans in real-time. Its products help companies reduce the cost of goods sold, shorten lead-times for orders, and reduce inventory costs through improved supply chain collaboration and management.

The new funding will allow the company to expand its product development and manufacturing teams and focus on additional applications of its breakthrough technology.

Adexa has already achieved significant scale and has more than 80 satisfied customers throughout the world. Its global customer base includes General Motors, Hitachi, Johnson & Johnson, Lucent, Maytag, Philips, Pulse, Siemens, Unilever, Xerox, and AMD. Adexa continues to achieve strong customer wins through this difficult economic climate, positioning the company to be a long-term leader in the marketplace. For more information visit

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