STAMFORD, CT -- BEV Capital recently completed an investment in Cool Cuts 4 Kids, a chain of haircare salons for children. Key elements of the investment decision were: a strong value proposition for parents and children, a very strong one-store model, current operating results, and a CEO with a track record of success. BEV co-led the $8.4 million financing round with other new investor Gemini Investors. Symmetry Growth Capital also participated in the financing.

The $4.7 billion children’s haircare market is currently underserved by salons dedicated to kids. Most parents currently take their children to the same place where they get their own hair cut. This approach is sub-optimal, as it frustrates the children who are in an unfriendly environment, the stylists who neither want nor know how to cut children’s hair, and the parents who have to endure unhappy kids and unhappy stylists.

The Cool Cuts concept aims to make children’s haircare a pleasant experience. Children enter an environment designed for them and are entertained by movies, video games, and toys. Additionally, the stylists are selected for their patience and their desire to work with children. With a price-point just above that of the major chains, Cool Cuts is broadly accessible.

Cool Cuts currently operates 35 salons in the Southwest and achieved $7.0 million in revenues for fiscal 2002. The company's headquarters are in Euless, Texas, just outside of Dallas. For more information visit

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