STAMFORD, CT -- BEV Capital (BEV) recently completed an investment in Nature Technologies, an innovative deer deterrent service.

Nature Technologies, Inc. ("NTI") provides homeowners with a technology-based deer deterrent service to prevent destruction of residential landscaping. The company's patented technology, including a 110 decibel ultrasonic device that disturbs a deer's ability to sense predators, repels deer from protected properties. The ultrasonic system is inaudible to humans, safe for pets, and is used in conjunction with other proprietary methods for deterring deer.

Deer damage is a huge problem, estimated at $8 billion annually, and NTI has a 99% satisfaction rate among its customers. Starting in the Northeast, NTI's goal is to roll its service out nationally over the next several years. BEV participated in the initial round of funding as well as a recent second round which closed at an uptick. Coinvestors include Concentric Equity Partners and Ropart Asset Management.

NTI's website address is

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