We focus on investments in consumer companies and supporting technologies for consumer companies. Each partner has unique areas of expertise, so we can bring in-depth market knowledge to bear on these sectors. On a deal-by-deal basis, we will consider opportunities outside of these industries.

BEV initially invests $1 million to $5 million in a company and keeps at least that same amount in reserve against future financing needs. Past investments have been as small as $1 million and as large as $10 million.

We have served as the lead investor in about half of our financings; however, we are comfortable functioning in either a lead or participatory role. BEV always invests together with a syndicate of other venture firms; over the years, BEV partners have co-invested with 100+ other venture firms.

We actively support our portfolio companies through assistance with corporate strategy, sales and marketing, business development, staffing and financing. We also leverage our network of contacts and portfolio companies to cross-fertilize ideas, create business relationships and find high quality managers.

A particular area of focus for BEV is working with our companies to develop effective commercialization strategies. Building or refining a commercialization strategy involves the complete sales and marketing spectrum, from defining the target market and value proposition to marketing that value proposition, building a sales strategy, and ensuring you have the right people in place to execute on that sales strategy. Our expertise in commercialization has been honed through our collective 30 years of operating experience in marketing and sales roles and an additional 30 years of strategy consulting experience.

In order to devote an appropriate amount of attention to each of our portfolio companies, we carefully limit the number of investments on which each BEV professional works. Additionally, three BEV professionals work on every transaction, so we can bring multiple viewpoints and perspectives to help assess and drive a business.