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1800diapers, Inc., Montclair, NJ, is the largest online specialist offering baby care necessities in the United States. The company's Web site address is http://www.1800diapers.com/.




Additech, Inc., Houston, TX, sells branded gasoline additives through a proprietary system attached to gas pumps at high volume retailers. The Additech device allows consumers to conveniently dispense additives during the normal fuelling process. The company's Web site address is http://www.additech.com/.




Alloy Online, Inc., New York, NY, is an apparel cataloger and an e-commerce destination site for teens. The company has created one of the most trafficked on-line teen community sites with interactive features including e-mail, chat, and an extensive on-line shopping area. The company held its IPO in May, 1999 and trades under the ticker symbol ALOY. Its Web site address is http://www.alloy.com/.




Bendon Publishing International, Ltd., Ashland, OH, is a publisher of value-priced children's books. Bendon licenses include: Disney, Garfield, Arthur, and NASCAR. Bendon products are sold at retailers nationwide. Its Web site address is http://www.bendonpub.com/.


Big Enough


Big Enough, Inc., South Norwalk, CT, designs and markets a line high-quality children’s sportswear with a distinctive European influence in styles and colors. Tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched to extend the number of outfits that can be created from a limited number of pieces. Big Enough's clothes are sold directly to consumers by over 400 independent fashion consultants who hold in-home trunk shows. Its Web site address is http://www.bigenough.com/.




ClassMates Online, Inc., Seattle, WA, is an on-line community that helps high school and military alumni locate and contact former classmates and colleagues. The company has over 20 million registrants in its database and is the dominant provider of on-line services to the high school and military alumni markets. Classmates was acquired by United Online in November 2004. Its Web site address is http://www.classmates.com/.




Cool Cuts 4 Kids, Inc., Dallas, TX, is a 29 store chain of hair cut salons for children ages 0-12. The Cool Cuts salons are designed to be non-threatening and entertaining to make children's hair cuts an enjoyable experience. The company's Web site address is http://www.coolcuts4kids.com/.




Cyberian Outpost, Inc., Kent, CT, is a leading Internet retailer of computers and computer-related products. The company held its IPO in July, 1998 and trades under the ticker symbol COOL. Its Web site address is http://www.outpost.com/.


Le Gourmet Chef

Le Gourmet Chef, Inc., Red Bank, NJ, is a 34 store specialty retailer of kitchenware, packaged gourmet foods and decorative housewares. The company's website address is http://www.legourmetchef.com/.



LoveSac, Corp., Salt Lake City, UT manufactures and sells a line of innovative home furnishings that epitomize “oversized living”. Over time, the company expects to market a line of fun products under the LoveSac name. The company currently has over 60 stores, roughly half franchised, located in traditional malls across the country. CEO Shawn Nelson was the winning contestant on Fox’s 2004 reality series “Rebel Billionaire: Branson’s Quest for the Best.” The company's website address is http://www.lovesac.com/.



MaxPreps, Inc., Cameron Park, CA, is the leading online destination for high school sports information. MaxPreps.com publishes rankings, statistics, stories and photos featuring high school athletes and coaches. MaxPreps was acquired by CBS (NYSE: CBS) in March 2007. The company's website address is http://www.maxpreps.com/.


Nature Technologies

Nature Technologies, Inc., Pleasantville, NY, protects landscaping from deer damage with a comprehensive, expert service that integrates patented technology, a custom plan for every client property, and the experience that only comes from handling thousands of deer encounters and investing in cutting edge research. Restoring worry-free gardening for over 1,000 home-owners, Nature Technologies boasts a 99% customer satisfaction rate in protecting against deer destruction. Nature Technologies is the exclusive provider of full service deer deterrent solutions in CT, NY, NJ, PA and DE. Learn more about their unique methodology at http://www.naturetechnologies.com/.


Private Quarters


Private Quarters, Inc., Commerce, CA, offers premium, hotel quality bed and bath textile products through a direct, party-plan sales format. Capitalizing on their experiences and resources at Strouds Linens, the founders have created an assortment of product that enables consumers to experience the comfort of a luxury hotel, the serenity of a world-class spa, and romance of a bed and breakfast, at affordable prices, everyday, at home in their own private quarters. The company's website address is http://www.myprivatequarters.com/.




Redfin, Inc., Seattle, WA, is the real estate industry's first online brokerage where consumers can find, buy and sell homes online. The company's website address is http://www.redfin.com/.




Swoozie's, Inc., Atlanta, GA, is an upscale chain of gift stores founded by two retail veterans, David Dworkin and Kelly Plank. Swoozie's offers convenient "one stop solutions" for gift giving and celebrations of all kinds. Offerings consist primarily of giftware (e.g., glassware, ceramics, consumables) and paper products (e.g., custom invitations, greeting cards, stationary). The company combines novel product and creative merchandising built around seasonal product themes and assortments. The company's website address is http://www.swoozies.com/.




Waterfront Media, Inc., Brooklyn, NY, builds and manages online businesses for well-known self-help experts. Waterfront's subscription-based online programs connect millions of people looking to improve their lives with advice, online tools, and information. Current publishing partners include What to Expect, Dr. Andrew Weil, The South Beach Diet, The Zone Diet, Denise Austin, and The Sonoma Diet. In addition to managing partner-branded websites, Waterfront runs an advertising-supported health portal, www.everydayhealth.com, and an email newsletter program focused on specific health conditions.






Adexa, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, is a supply chain planning software company that delivers solutions that synchronize corporate planning with operations planning and execution, to ensure assets are utilized to achieve strategic objectives. Adexa's global customer base includes General Motors, Hitachi, Johnson & Johnson, Lucent, Maytag, Philips, Pulse, Siemens,Teijin Limited, TSMC, Unilever, Xerox, Firmenich and AMD. The company's website address is http://www.adexa.com/.


CarParts Technologies


CarParts Technologies, Inc., San Juan Capistrano, CA, is a provider of extended supply chain software solutions for the automotive aftermarket. The company's platform enables efficient online trade, integration and collaboration between B2B marketplaces, buyers, suppliers and commerce service providers. The solutions are used in more than 3,000 leading aftermarket outlets including tier 1 manufacturers, program groups, tire and service chains, warehouse distributors, jobbers and independent installers. The company's Web site address is http://www.carpartstechnologies.com/.




eNR Services, Inc., Norwalk, CT, provides online marketing services as well as up-to date media contacts, news distribution, content development, online promotion and managed publicity programs. The company's Web site address is http://www.enr-corp.com/.




The FeedRoom, Inc., New York, NY, is an end-to-end provider of technology and services for online video broadcasting. Customers, including NBC, Reuters, Cisco and General Motors, use The FeedRoom's technology for applications such as online TV, employee communications and marketing. The company's Web site address is http://www.feedroom.com/.




Invoke Solutions, Wellesley, MA, is a leading innovator of real-time, collaborative research technologies. The Company helps businesses gain fast feedback and detailed insights from their constituents to enable faster, better informed decisions. An Invoke research session combines the adaptive questioning of a focus group with the large sample and statistical results of a survey. It provides both qualitative and quantitative research in a single, real-time event. The company's Web site address is http://www.invokesolutions.com/.



ProfitLogic, Cambridge, MA, provides retail optimization software to help merchants make better decisions. ProfitLogic's applications include assortment planning, allocation and promotional and clearance pricing. Customers include JC Penney, Gap, Home Depot and ShopKo. ProfitLogic was acquired by Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) in July 2005. The company's website address is http://www.oracle.com/profitlogic/.



Retail Solutions, Inc. (RSI), Lincoln, RI, is an information services company for consumer packaged good (CPG) manufacturers and retailers. RSI partners with retailers to acquire their point-of-sale data at no cost, collates and stores this data, then makes it available to manufacturers to optimize their supply chain and sales promotions. RSI has partnerships with 20 retailers and has over 65 CPG customers. RSI was acquired by VeriSign (NASDAQ: VRSN) in October 2005. The company's Web site address is http://www.retailsolutions.com/.


Travel Holdings


Travel Holdings, Inc., Orlando, FL, is an online travel intermediary that sells hotel, airline, cruise and other travel products to wholesalers, travel agents, and consumers. The company's wholesale clients sell significantly discounted products in 122 countries and operate in 23 languages. Consumers access travel deals through Travel Holdings' own consumer sites, www.LastMinuteTravel.com and www.EasyClickTravel.com. The company's Web site address is http://www.travelholdings.com/.